Building Process

NICCON has created a New Home Construction Plan that makes building your Home with us Enjoyable, Fun & Easy!!!

Getting Started

First, because buying a home is probably the most important single purchase you’ll make in your lifetime, there are certain things to look for that can guide you through the process.

When selecting your new home, look for more than just a good price. Determining a home’s real value is based upon the quality of location, design, craftsmanship, standard features, homesite size, area amenities, school districts, convenience to major freeways and the builder’s reputation.

All NICCON Homes are at the top of the quality list when it comes to these important factors, making our homes an Excellent Value!

…Just 12 Steps from Here to “Your Shiny New Home Keys”…

1.  Determine how much you should spend on your new home, our neighborhood lender (or yours) can help you with this

2.  Visit with our NICCON sales staff and determine the floor plan & neighborhood that’s perfect for you

3.  Become pre-qualified with our neighborhood lender or another lender that you may already be working with

4.  Meet again with NICCON sales staff to design & personalize

5.  Execute the purchase & sales agreement for your new home and receive NICCON’s Weekly Custom Home Selection Form…makes the building selection process a breeze!

6.  Fill out Week 1 of the NICCON Custom Home Selection Form and submit to NICCON

7.  Each week fill out the NICCON Custom Home Selection Form for that week and submit to NICCON

8.  Throughout the construction process, installation of all flooring, cabinetry and other options & upgrades selected are completed

9.  Attend the “Countdown to Closing Meeting” with NICCON’s New Home Consultants, Construction Superintendent, Customer Care Representative and Home Lender to review the final steps in the closing process

10.  Schedule transfer of utilities and phone service for your new home  (NICCON will supply you with a list of utility and phone company contact information for your new home)

11.  Conduct Walk-thru and New Home Tour

12.  Conduct the Closing for your New Home…Here you will Sign your home loan documents…Loan is funded and the title of the new home is transferred to you!

…Receive your keys and Move in!!!